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Suburban Rhythm

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Suburban Rhythm
Released: 19 (CD)
Long Beach, CA
Recorded at:
Produced by:


Song List:

  1. Lust
  2. 18 Inch Ruler
  3. Comin Out Of The Woodwork
  4. Incomplete
  5. My Sister Sam
  6. Game Show
  7. Blue Hawaii
  8. 99 Degrees
  9. Mr. Smooth Guy
  10. Bixville
  11. Bright City Lights
  12. Tension (live)
  13. Kung Fu Fighting (live)
  14. Incomplete (live)
  15. My Sister Sam (live)
  16. Don't Mess With The Little Guy (live)
  17. Uniform Of Destruction (bonus track)

I saw several shows with these guys, and of all the bands around Long Beach in the early 90's, they were easily the best, but Reel Big Fish is the one that got signed (This is the band referred to in the latter's one-minute ode "SR"). Okay, so there was also Sublime and No Doubt, but they weren't exactly the same scene. To sum up, I dig these guys a whole lot.

I got a copy of this in trade from a guy who wanted the Joker Pickle's Reaction demo. I got the better deal, because this has a lot more material, and is recorded and mixed far better. This is an album quality recording, followed by several live tracks. I don't have the cover or liner notes, so I have no recording information.

Later, thanks to this page, I got one of several emails requesting a copy. When I told the guy I had a cassette copy and not the original CD, he decided to keep on looking. He found the CD on Ebay, sent me another email informing me of his find, then he burned me a copy and sent it to me for free! Easily the coolest person I ever came across on the net.

Most recently, I'm now in contact with Dennis who plays bass in BlowUpBlow, and he says he still has copies of this CD, as well as the band that followed, Action League, which I'll have up once I get a copy of my own.

[The Demo Barn]

Of all the things I have, the SR demo has generated at least half the email requests I get, which I find amazing! I've gotten so many, it inspired me to put together this list of excerpts:

14 Nov, 1997:
...I was doing a search on Joker Pickle's Reaction. I used to see them at shows a few years ago and unfortunately didn't get to buy any of their material. I was wondering if it were possible that I get a copy of your tape...I just came across a Suburban Rhythm tape and remember they used to play together in the early 90's...
- Ronald

16 Jul, 2000:
...What can you tell me about Suburban Rhythm?? I've gotten a few songs off of Napster and LOVE it. I've heard of them for years from bands as Sublime, RBF, Slightly Stoopid, The Ziggens, Secret Hate, Toasters and others in the area.
- Brian

22 Dec, 2000:
I've been looking for a copy of a Suburban Rhythm recording for quite a while. Your web page is the first time I've found anything that even mentions it...
- George

6 Feb, 2001:
...I was wondering if you had any info on where I can get a copy of some sort. I tried downloading some of their songs, but I couldn't get songs like 18 inch Ruler... I've been trying to find their music for the longest time, and nobody knew who they were...
- Brenda

24 Jul, 2001:
...I really liked them a lot. I've got their 7", but never got their post-humus CD...
- Brent

27 Sep, 2001:
Hey dude, I was just wondering if there was any way I could get ahold of that demo, maybe trade or something...
- Ilan

12 Feb, 2002:
Hey, would you be interested in giving up the Suburban Rhythm CD? I'm willing to buy it (at least at a fairly reasonable price)...
- Ryan

24 Feb, 2002:
...I dunno if ur still checkin this email or anything but I'm intrested in Suburban Rhythm...
- Vito

15 Nov, 2002:
...Am i able to get a copy on CD? or maybe you can send me the MP3s?
- Adam

23 Feb, 2003:
...So I stumbled upon your website after doing a Google search for Surburban Rhythm...
- Lisa

1 Jul, 2003:
Hi, I found your website and your info on Surburban Rhythm...
- Tracy

9 Jul, 2003:
Hey, I saw that alot of people on your site are looking for the Surburban Rhythm CD...
- Matthew

18 Jul, 2003:
...I found your site off the Charly Horse webpage...
- Dan

20 Oct, 2003:
...I have a couple of songs on some comp cd's, but haven't been successful in finding an album all their own.
- Allyson

28 Oct, 2003:
...itd be awesome if you could send me a copy...
- Sam

11 Jan, 2005:
...I've been looking for their CD for about 6 years...
- Tracie

16 Aug, 2005:
...if there's any way you could send me the music from the Suburban Rhythm album, I would be very grateful.
- Devin

7 Jun, 2006:
...I saw them play with Mary's Danish once and could never find any recorded music from them.
- Jay

18 Sep, 2006:
...I come from the Isle of Wight, the small island at the south of England, UK.
- Andy

23 Oct, 2007:
...I have been looking for it for a few years now, and that would be awesome to have.
- Brandon

8 Jun, 2008:
...the last few years I've been interested in Suburban Rhythm but have not been able to find any of their music...
- Kevin